Sustainable Development

We have been working for 20 years to contribute to the generation of a new healthy environment which will allow a balance between human development and wellness in line with the natural resources the planet provides us.

Sustainable Development

Economic growth is essential to satisfy human needs and improve quality of life. However, this should be based on the efficient, equitable and environmentally responsible use of all the resources that society lacks, meaning, natural, human and economic resources.

Get to know our foundation:

Our fundamental principle is to promote the environmental, social and economic sustainability of natural and urban systems.

We propose the elaboration of programs and projects for the evaluation, administration of natural resources and sustainable regional development through the search for, improvement and implementation of new technologies that promote the diversification of economic activities and their rational use.

Redit Gold Projects

A Cryptocurrency to Promote Sustainable Development

Know our projects

Working areas:

Sustainable projects financing program.

Safe water.

Public and private protected areas.

Energy generation alternatives.

Support to small producers and aboriginal communities for sustainable development.

Proposals for the compatibility of sustainable development and genuine work.

– Forestry management and ecological restoration plans.

Biodiversity surveys.

Accompaniment in the certification of good management and international standards.