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Until now, the world economy has been linear. So far, discarding used products and transforming them into rubbish. Causing an increasing ecological disaster.

Today, the focus is on “circular economies” where discarded products and their components are part of a recycling process helping to decrease pollution as they are used several times.

Our contribution

Biogas plants are an important part of waste management and biogas itself contributes significantly to waste reduction and energy production in the world.
Biogas technology converts passive waste material into clean and sustainable energy.

There are currently thousands of cities/municipalities, of which the vast majority share two major problems that can find an answer with the same solution.

Water is a daily and crippling challenge. Without water you can’t grow food, you can’t build housing, you can’t stay healthy, you can’t stay in school and you can’t keep working.

The disposal of Organic Solid Waste (OSW), where two situations occur for this problem, either large sums of money are spent for its management and final disposal or it is dumped in places that are not suitable for this purpose, generating clandestine dumps.
The second and no less important problem is the need for electrical power where, above all, the municipalities which are not located near the main power lines are affected by drops or low voltage in the electrical power supply and grids.

The combination of these two problems has a common solution: the use of the organic fraction of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), by means of a fermentation process known as BIOGAS.

OiKOS Foundation for Sustainable Development together with Alternativa Solar SRL, a company dedicated to developing projects based on Renewable Energies, have established an agreement for the Evaluation of Projects in Countries all over the World to offer solutions to the Problem of Urban Solid Waste Treatment.

Project requests will be analyzed in order to determine their Technical and Economic Feasibility, proceeding to search for the technology that provides the best solution to the problems presented.
OiKOS Foundation for Sustainable Development will analyze each of the projects for which requests are submitted, whether from Public or Private Entities.
This way, personalized solutions will be offered for each situation, evaluating each scenario, adapting the technology to local needs and offering tools for the financing of the projects.

Below are some examples of operating digesters.

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