Redit Gold Projects

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Redit Gold

OiKOS Foundation for Sustainable Development proposes, by receiving donations within the framework of the “REDIT GOLD Project”, the development of renewable energy based projects from biomass, solar, wind power and the supply of clean and safe water to aboriginal and rural communities.

OiKOS Foundation for Sustainable Development will analyze the projects, both from Public and Private Entities. In this way, we will offer taylor made solutions adjusted to each requirement, evaluating each scenario, adapting the technology to local needs and offering tools for the financing of the projects.

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Together let’s save the planet

Objetives of the Redit Gold


Develop projects using Renewable Energies.


Provision of clean water with solar energy for isolated communities.


Creation of Urban Waste to Energy Processing Plants.


Create and expand the natural areas for Native Forests that contribute to the Protection and Conservation of Natural Resources and the enjoyment of the Ecosystem Services it provides.


Generate Sustainable Management Projects for Native Forests, whether private or public.


Promote Certification Processes that guarantee the sustainability of Native Forest Use and Conservation Processes.


Generate Compensation Strategies and Actions for Ecosystem Service Providers that derive from the Protection, Conservation, Improvement and Management of Native Forests.


To generate projects that contribute to sustainable management in the productive processes of Aboriginal and rural communities.

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«Redit Gold contributes to saving the planet together»

REDIT GOLD will establish an inflection point to ensure that the generated projects will have a certain chance of achieving their objectives and goals through the funding resulting from the received donations.

The certain possibility of increasing the value of the REDIT GOLD project allows its donors to have the certainty that they are genuinely contributing to:

1. The environment.
2. Native forests and the biodiversity they shelter.
3. The provision of ecosystem services.
4. Improving the quality of life of aboriginal, rural and urban communities.
5.The generation of renewable energy sources.
6. The provision of clean and safe water to a greater number of communities that do not possess it.
7. The solution to the serious pollution problems caused by poorly managed urban waste.


Safe water, means everything to communities in need: preventing deaths from waterborne diseases, improving community health and eases the burden of carrying water over long distances for women and children, and is the basis for education and economic empowerment.


Biomass is one of the most reliable, consistent and storage friendly renewable energy sources, which eases the generation of thermal and electrical energy.

Energy derived from biomass respects and protects the environment, integrates energetically vulnerable communities, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, converts waste into resources, mobilizes investments and promotes added value and new businesses opportunities.

Our goal is: to advise and assist, legally, technically and financially, on bioenergy projects to increase the share of biomass-derived energy in the current energy matrix.